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Safe Sports Act - Child Abuse Reporting

Posted by John Bell on 7/23/2018



SUMMARY: A foundational commitment of the Y is to provide a healthy atmosphere for the growth and development of children. Thus, child abuse is a primary concern of the Y. Child abuse is the mistreatment of a child resulting in injury or harm which may come in the form of neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

· If a child comes to you with information regarding abuse, either their own or of some other child, here are some important guidelines:

o Be a good listener: Don’t ask leading questions or tell the child what he or she experienced

o Do not express shock or panic

o Believe the child

o Reassure the child: Let the child know that sharing this information with you was the right thing to do. Let the child know that you will try to keep them safe and help the family. Be honest with the child regarding your responsibility to report the incident. Do not promise not to tell. Be careful not to make any promises about what may or may not happen.

· Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

· Staff/Volunteers should not contact the parents/guardians or children involved in the situation of abuse.

· Please contact your Program Director for any questions regarding the Child Abuse Reporting Procedures or the Volunteer Code of Conduct.


By federal law, the Safe Sports Act imposes new obligations for any staff or volunteers. If you become aware or merely suspect that some form of abuse has occurred, you are required to notify – within 24 hours – the Tennessee Department of Children Services. Once you have made the report to the Tennessee Department of Children Services, contact your Program Director.

Tennessee Department of Children Services: 1-877-237-0004

Non-emergency: 615-254-6018

Volunteer Code of Conduct

To protect YMCA staff, volunteers and program participants staff members and volunteers must follow the YMCA’s Code of Conduct at all times. During the volunteer application process, volunteers acknowledge they have received and understand the Code of Conduct. The Volunteer Code of Conduct can be found PlayerSpace.

Click Here for summary of appropriate and inappropriate physical and verbal interactions.